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Get To Know Us

We're Shelby and Laura—sisters, SWW podcast co-hosts and co-founders, and best friends.

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Big Sis, Co-Host & Co-Founder

Shelby is passionate about bringing people together through inclusive storytelling and aims to spread joy in all that she does. She is a thoughtful, determined, and flexible leader with proven relationship management, strategic analysis, and project management skills. From implementing business development initiatives to analyzing content performance, she is always looking to add value. All of her involvements share the common threads of making a tangible impact and helping people. 

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Little Sis, Co-Host & Co-Founder

Laura is interested in social impact law, government, film, and music. She has produced political campaign videos, mentored young athletes, managed intramural sports teams, and researched bail reform in New York State. With her ambition for social justice and empathetic nature, Laura aims to mitigate systemic inequality through reforming legal practices, writing progressive policy, and filmmaking that brings awareness to social injustices.

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