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Welcome to 
Sisters Who Watch

Sisters Who Watch (SWW) is THE entertainment review podcast to listen to for hot takes, thoughtful reviews, and diverse perspectives on content.


We're Shelby and Laura Holland—sisters, SWW podcast co-hosts and co-founders, and best friends.

Everyone thinks we are twins (despite our age gap), but we practically act like twins anyway. We do everything together: attend the same schools, move to the same state, braid each other’s hair, travel the world, but mostly watch content!

Born and raised in New York, we now call California home. Shelby moved to Los Angeles and is pursuing her dream at the intersection of business and entertainment. Laura moved to San Francisco and is kickstarting her career in the legal field. Outside of work, you can catch us attending sporting events, losing our voices at concerts, sighting celebrities at movie premieres, and tasting the best California wine at local vineyards. 

We are passionate about spreading joy and hope our podcast can not only give content recommendations, but bring people together over storytelling.

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